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Created within UE4 by Bunny Box Games for the 48 hour Global Games Jam 2020.

Pair Up is a co-op based arcade style game in which construction workers José and Jim must repair a damaged building with help from YOU! Avoid pigeons and counteract gusts of wind to carry supplies to the damaged walls within the time limit.

Pair Up won the "Proud To Be Staffs Award" at Staffordshire University and was shortlisted in the 2020 Grads In Games competition under the "Student Game" category.

Game Credits :

Joe Coulson - https://twitter.com/JoeCoulson15
Andrew Pearson - https://twitter.com/APearsonDev
Sabrina Lang  - https://twitter.com/DrSkellyjelly
Dan Bond - https://twitter.com/danbonddev


PairUp.zip 413 MB

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