A downloadable game for Windows

Assemble a party and journey through a tabletop game inspired world in our 1-4 player RPG Lite game ‘You Arrive In A Town’! Gather resources, complete quests, and slay monsters to progress through each of the time based stages!

We're currently working on the project so keep an eye out for updates here and over on our Twitter page! In the mean time, check out our free demos and let us know what you think, any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

If you have the time we'd REALLY appreciate it if you could fill out our short anonymous form to help us better gauge interest and gather feedback from the community: https://forms.gle/U5EZLuUFWCFHhAhR9

Featuring an original sound track by the wonderful Rig Err Mortus! (Twitter)

We're also excited to welcome Runesmith who is GMing narrating our game!

The demo samples elements from various parts of the prototype and therefore may be inconsistent and not entirely represent the final product.

Supports both keyboard and controller inputs.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and open the executable. Enjoy!


You Arrive In A Town PROTOPLAY DEMO 498 MB


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When I saw Runesmith's narration trailer I thought this was going to be a D&D based game or maybe a way to create your own adventure as a DM for your players to go through that had a nice visual. Sadly, Its just a basic beat em up. It was fun for a little bit, but got boring fast. Also I would call it a VERY early alpha test. Demo implies the game is decently fleshed out. Also maybe have the mouse spin your character and click to attack. The J,K,L thing is very weird on keyboard.

I will still be following and keeping up with the game to see how it evolves so I wish you guys the best.